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Get Both Natural Hair Extensions and Synthetic at Star Beauty Plus in Mississauga

So you’re looking for hair extensions in Mississauga. You’ve come to the right place! Here at Star Beauty Plus, we specialize in both natural and synthetic hair extensions. Whether you’re looking for straight or curly, solid dark or light blonde mixes, we have the look you crave.

Choose from:

Human hair
Synthetic hair

Clip-in Extensions

There are several methods to apply your hair extensions. The clip-in method is probably the most popular, as it is easy to do and it doesn’t damage your original hair. Clip-in hair extensions can be removed for sleeping and washing, and they are suitable for special occasion wear. Many professional stylists prefer to add extensions when doing formal updos and styles. Knowing what you want to use the extensions for, how long you will wear them, and how you want them installed will help in choosing the right styles for you.

Sew-in Extensions

The next method of hair extension application is the sew-in. This method was made popular by black women because it works best with coarser hair. The sew-in is gaining popularity with other women as well because it lasts longer than the clip in yet it doesn’t damage the hair.

Fusion Extensions

For individual hair extension applications, the fusion method is popular. In this technique, the new hair is ‘fused’ to the original hair with a bonding agent. These extensions stay in until they grow out or are removed, so fusion is the most permanent of all the methods. Unfortunately, if the fusion method is not done properly, your own hair can potentially be damaged.

Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in extensions are a great way to add style to your hair. The extensions are easy to apply as they use medical-grade tape to stick to the roots of your hair. The most important benefit of these extensions is that they are damaged-hair friendly and reusable. Quick to install, tape-in extensions give you a natural look and are great for thin hair.

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